best-fit hires,

delivered directly to you.

When you need to hire, you need the right talent — and you need them now. That’s why we’ve perfected the process of sourcing and hiring highly skilled talent far faster than the industry average. We’ve partnered with thousands of companies to deliver best-fit and hard-to-find direct hires across any skill set, and we can do the same for you.

we get it right the first time

The damage resulting from a bad hire is both tangible and intangible, from wasted time on training to increased stress on the remaining team to high costs. To make sure you avoid those damages, we’ve developed a proprietary tech-and-touch approach to assessing and selecting the right hire — right from the beginning.

With 80 percent of employee turnover attributed to bad hiring decisions, we've identified the factors that contribute to hiring poor-fit talent — ranging from a lack of competencies and inadequate soft skills to poor cultural fit.

we get it right the first time, faster

It shouldn’t take a lengthy hiring cycle for you to secure best-fit talent. Yet, 60 percent of hiring executives say it takes an average of two to three months to fill a direct hire position in their departments. Randstad can dramatically improve the speed and quality of your direct hires through our innovative tech-enabled process for securing talent. Through our suite of HR technologies and our passion for people, we have developed a proprietary approach to sourcing and delivering top talent at lightning speed, including:

  • sourcing candidates around-the-clock from our exclusive networks, a feature not available in traditional internal HR structures
  • a shortened screening and interviewing process achieved through pre-screening candidates via our automated scheduling software, artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots and phone and video interviews 
  • faster reference checks, background screenings and onboarding processes via our automated technology

In addition to delivering the talent you need quickly, every direct hire we place is thoroughly vetted. You can feel secure knowing your new staff member went through a review process, including comprehensive screenings and reference checks. We also consider every possible source of talent to find the perfect hire for your business. In addition to passive candidates, we can explore emerging talent, like newly re-skilled professionals and individuals just joining the workforce.

we get to know you

No one works harder than Randstad to deeply understand your business, culture and talent management needs. We believe it is our privilege and responsibility to champion your brand to today’s candidates. That’s why we take a consultative approach to sourcing and delivering top talent. We work closely with both candidates and clients to recognize where expectations and goals align with companies’ objectives and offerings to ensure success and compatibility in the long term.

Our offices around the world provide you with a local point of contact who has specialized expertise and a passion for getting to know your unique business and needs.

Backed by our global footprint in 39 countries and the resources of a €23.3 billion staffing leader, our local executives are able to effectively assess and develop effective, detailed recruiting plans for direct hires, tailored to your demographic and competitive landscape.

we can meet all your direct hire needs

Our ability to deliver talent across a wide range of industries is virtually unmatched by our competitors. With specialized staffing capabilities, including finance and accounting, HR, legal, sales and marketing, engineering, IT, life sciences, office and administration, manufacturing and logistics and healthcare, Randstad has unique expertise and deep insight into your specific industry.

In fact, our internal staff of more than 5,500 across North America manages a workforce of 100,000+ each week, within nearly every business industry.

we know how to hire

We’ve spent the last five decades perfecting the direct-hire sourcing and hiring process. A key building block is our extensive insight and knowledge into the current labor market, both globally and locally. Through our leading market analytics tools, we deliver data-driven information into labor supply and demand in hundreds of local and metro areas. Our proprietary, comprehensive salary data gives you awareness into salary trends based on your specific market, industry and company size.

We combine this knowledge with a best-in-class interviewing and onboarding process to ensure the best possible candidate experience and a hire who will be productive starting on day one.

Check out our proprietary guides to assist you through every stage of hiring:

don’t need a direct hire? we've still got you covered

If a direct hire isn’t what you’re after at the moment, we can offer a range of short-term, flexible solutions to help build your ideal workforce. In fact, a temporary-to-hire arrangement may be the right scenario to consider, allowing you to evaluate and monitor a candidate's work performance and fit before committing to permanent employment.

Whatever your needs may be, Randstad is the right partner to fill them. There isn’t a staffing challenge or hiring requirement we haven’t been able to solve. Try us.