speed and quality

are possible.

despite the war for talent, you need not sacrifice one for the other.

Two of the most daunting aspects of hiring are identifying the best quality candidates and securing them quickly. In today’s market, where candidates are scarce, executives struggle to achieve both. Either the rush to hire takes precedence over quality, which leads to a poor fit, or a lengthy hiring process results in losing talent to competitors.

Navigating these competing requirements is challenging without the right partner. In fact, it’s a primary reason our clients turn to us. We’ve spent the last five decades perfecting talent sourcing and hiring and can use our expertise to transform your hiring processes to secure best-fit talent quickly and efficiently. Here’s how.

our tech-enabled talent cycle.

Combining our passion for people with the power of today’s intelligent machines, Randstad can dramatically improve the speed and quality of your hires. You’ll benefit from our innovative HR technologies as we focus our personal attention on you and your needs.

  • We source candidates around-the-clock from our exclusive networks, a feature not available in traditional internal HR structures. We’ll ensure that when you have a hiring need a field of top candidates are available to you in lightning speed.
  • Your screening and interviewing process will be shortened as we pre-screen candidates through automated scheduling software, artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots and phone and video interviews.
  • Reference checks, background screenings and onboarding processes are faster through our automated software platforms.

RUS_C_Hiring Process_Mar2018_v7.png

our human-centered process.

In order to be an exceptional partner, we must deeply understand your culture, values and brand. By leveraging the power of technology, we are better able to focus on your business needs and deliver with speed and efficiency. Our goal is to partner with you in ways that are more personal and meaningful, truly helping your businesses move forward. This allows us to:

  • infuse technology, like video job descriptions, to attract best-fit, qualified candidates and connect with them through digital interviewing platforms to make the process fast and efficient
  • equip our specialized recruiters with the insight they need to evaluate how candidates’ skills and expectations match with your job requirements and organizational culture — the stuff you won’t find on resumes
  • share specialized industry expertise to develop a recruiting plan and compensation offer that is tailored to your demographic and competitive targets

ensuring a perfect match.

When you partner with us to fill an open position, we’ll work together to define the job’s most critical requirements and the skills and attributes needed to perform and succeed at your business. This will allow an effective pre-screening round in which we’ll narrow the candidate pool to only those who are ready for further consideration. These factors are categorized across three key areas:

  • Job fit – candidates need to possess not only the right skill sets and experience to do the job, but also a genuine interest in performing its required tasks.
  • Boss fit – candidates must be a good match for their direct managers in terms of personality traits, values and expectations.
  • Company fit – individuals must be motivated by the working environment offered by your company and demonstrate the ability to work well with other members of your team.

Then, we leverage the best that human interaction and tech-enabled processes have to offer. We go beyond mechanical matches and rely on interaction, observation and informed judgements to spot real compatibility. We achieve that by:

  • utilizing innovative behavioral and talent assessments that measure key competencies, behavioral styles and values to determine alignment with those of your organization
  • identifying and conducting appropriate hard skill assessments, using emerging platforms like gaming, simulations and coding challenges
  • automating reference checks and other company-specific requirements such as criminal background checks and credit checks
  • conducting our industry-leading candidate evaluation process, ensuring that the people we present not only have the technical abilities and soft skills you need, but also align with your company’s culture

You no longer need to sacrifice quality for the sake of speed or lose top candidates due to a lengthy hiring process. Our tech-and-touch approach to hiring is transformative, and we can’t wait to show you the impact it will make on your business.


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