how tech is impacting the workforce of tomorrow.

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tech and the employee experience

Technology is rapidly changing the world of work, including where, how and why work gets done. While these new tech touchpoints are creating exciting opportunities for HR leaders and hiring managers, they must also be understood within the context of employee behaviors and expectations.

Randstad US joined forces with Future Workplace to conduct a survey of more than 1,200 managers and employees across industries, exploring the intersection of technology and people at work.

Here are the top takeaways.

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different channels,
different candidates

71 percent of candidates spend time job hunting directly on employers' websites while only 58 percent of managers feel their companies' websites are the best source of top candidates.

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what do employees want?
Our study found that supportive teammates are at least as important as fair pay and benefits to employees today.

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who checks email and voicemail after work?
Pressure to be always “on” at work today impacts everyone differently.

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Hear from Randstad's chief human resources officer as he reveals survey findings from HR managers and employees on their views of how technology influences work experiences, from sourcing, screening and onboarding through engagement, retention and offboarding.

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How is technology impacting your most important asset? And how does that impact change at different points in the employee lifecycle? 

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